SCVMM Cluster to Cluster Live Migrations – SMB Storage – NetApp SVM

In an ideal world we’d be using SoFS. But, as we have already thrown investment into NetApp, then we are going to use it – or – be thrown out the door.

There are many good articles about shared nothing migration, migrating from host to host – but not many cover those of us living with multiple clusters, or using other SMB providers.

Leading you here may be SCVMM error codes:

Error 12700 – 0x80072746, 0x80070005 – forcibly closed by the remote host, or General access denied error for your Run_As account to the SMB file path.

Our Example setup is this:

HyperVCluster1 – DomainA, multi node, storage is on SMB served up by a NetApp SVM dedicated for Hyper-V workloads.

HyperVCluster2 – DomainA, multi node, same storage access as cluster 1.

So – we already have the same file shares, assigned in SCVMM to both clusters, servers have all the access they require, as does the VMM run_as account that the clusters are using for file operations.

If you are reading this, then you already have looked at Kerberos delegation, started assigning every node CIFS & Microsoft virtual system migration service delegations to every other node – STOP NOW!

In SCVMM – make sure every cluster node is set to ‘Use Kerberos’ This prevents the tedious requirement of setting a web of host to host delegations.


Set this using the VMM PowerShell by running:


Once done, set up a Kerberos delegation to the AD object name of your NetApp SVM SMB server.

Example file share: \\NetappSMB3\Tier1_01

Add a Kerberos delegation for CIFS (ugh – why does this term still linger everywhere) for DomainA\NetappSMB3 on all your hyper V cluster nodes that have access to SMB.

You can use the SCVMM & AD PowerShell modules to set this quickly using:


As soon as this is in place, you will be free to live migrate running VMs between clusters that have access to the same file system.

Author: Hyper-Vine

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert - Cloud Platform & Infrastructure System Center Admin - 2007, 2012 & 2016 Infrastructure Consultant

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