DPM 2016 – Modern Backup Storage (MBS) Volumes

An excellent feature of 2016 and not to be missed. Gone is the LDM limitation and the volume mess of 2012. This is by far the best improvement on the table for DPM.

I followed some guides to test – mounting 64tb of backup storage as drive letters to windows makes it a target for temporary storage – VERY IRRITATING INDEED

You will quickly find your DPM volume has attracted itself as a temporary dumping ground for hotfixes and patches. This is not acceptable.

To avoid this – simply create yourself a folder on C: – in this case ‘MountPoints’, create yourself two empty folders – then mount your backup storage in there – rather than assigning a drive letter.


Open DPM, refresh disks and click add – you will see the two volumes available for use.

Windows wont see them in it’s drive letter searches and thusly – they will remain clutter free and available for DPM use only!

As long as you make sure they have a volume label – SCOM will happily monitor the health of drives mounted in this manner.

Update – Aug 2017

Currently under UR2, we experience errors pertaining to DPM being unable to mount certain files under the mount points. It’s a known issue and current workaround is to also add a drive letter to the disks (can be added along side the mount point, no need to change anything else).

This should be resolved in further updates.


Author: Hyper-Vine

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert - Cloud Platform & Infrastructure System Center Admin - 2007, 2012 & 2016 Infrastructure Consultant

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